Student Loan

Is It Time to Consolidate or Refinance Your Student Loans?

Making your student loans more manageable can provide much-needed relief when it comes to your monthly expenses. See how consolidation or refinancing can reduce your student loan-related stress. The decision to refinance or consolidate student loans can appear when financial waters get rough. You may need to reduce your monthly payment to pay all of your bills. Or you may want to shorten your loan’s terms to save on interest in the long-term. Regardless of your goal, keep reading to see if adjusting your loans is a move worth making. Benefits of Refinancing or Consolidating Your Student Loans A refinance…

Who Needs To Complete A FAFSA Form

The first question prospective students ask when thinking about college is how are they going to afford it. In most cases, the answer is by applying for federal student aid. However, a significant number of people believe they won’t qualify for financial aid, missing out on almost $3 billion of unclaimed grant money last year. To not leave this money behind, prospective students must complete a form called FAFSA, or Federal Application for Federal Student Aid. There are no restrictions on who can receive financial assistance to complete their education. The only disqualifying criteria is to not fill out the…

How To Pay Off Your Student Debt

Student loans are one of the main reasons why millions of Americans are struggling to get out of financial hardship. In 2016, someone who had attended college owed an average of $37,000 in student loans. This number has been rising in the last few years, making it a significant burden for some people to attend college. Those who have graduated from college understand how much of an economic drag student debt can be. For many, student loans are a necessary evil in the path to obtain a better paying job. Learning how to manage student debt, and eventually pay it…

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