Our Favorite Ten Survey Sites For Making Money


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It’s a good deal for companies too, online surveys are tools used by companies to understand the appeal of their products and services. People can take advantage of their spending routines to make some money by giving their opinion on the products they buy or the services they use. 

In this article, we provide basic information about online surveys, things to consider when filling them, and a list of sites actively hiring for survey responders.

What are online surveys?

Online surveys are digital questionnaires promoted by companies. Their purpose is to gather valuable information from people in order to improve their product, service or brand. 

Participants are often paid in return for such information. Some companies pay participants in cash, while others prefer to offer cash equivalents such as coupons and gift cards.

Most online surveys can be completed in twenty minutes. In general, they ask participants if they use one or more specific products, as well as their personal opinion on their quality and price. However, not everyone can participate in an online survey. 

Companies create criteria that potential participants must match before they are allowed to participate in any given survey. Some companies establish these criteria by asking participants to create an account and provide basic information about them.

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What is required to complete online surveys

Homeowners and renters who are thinking about doing online surveys on their spare time must prepare beforehand. First, they should make a list of brands whose services or products they purchase to measure how many online surveys they could realistically complete. However, most homeowners qualify for surveys that seek information about things almost everyone pays for, such as utility bills or groceries.

Second, people should be aware that most online survey platforms pay through Paypal. As a result, participants will have to create a Paypal account and link it to their bank accounts. 

Setting up a Paypal account is not complicated. A valid email account and identification number is all that is required to start receiving money. However, participants who prefer to cash out their rewards in gift cards may skip this step.

Third, some survey sites award points after each survey is complete. Rewards can be claimed once a certain number of points have been earned. In other cases, participants are given a flat amount of money per survey. However, sites who award money right away may impose minimum withdrawal limits, which can be between $50 and $100.

Finally, participants should be willing to provide personal information. Online surveys often ask questions that some people might be uncomfortable answering. 

It is recommended to read the fine print before signing up and understanding the nature of each survey before agreeing to participate in them. Most websites allow participants to abandon the survey if they do not agree with any of the questions.

Things to consider when doing online surveys

Regardless of which site they choose, participants must always read the fine print and be fully aware of all the terms and conditions. Despite their simplicity, online surveys can take a significant amount of time when added up. As a result, it is important to focus on a single survey website until enough points have been earned and a reward can be claimed. 

Jumping between survey sites is not recommended. Participants who do so often end up spreading their points across multiple platforms, claiming fewer rewards and thus making less money. However, participants are encouraged to test different alternatives after claiming a reward if the chosen survey site failed to meet expectations.

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Best online survey sites

Online surveys are one of many possibilities struggling families can exploit to help cover monthly expenses. Although $2 for a single survey may seem like a drop in a bucket, after a month of casual work, diligent people can add $200 to their pocket. In this section, we offer a list of ten online survey sites that offer reliable rewards.

  1. PaidViewPoint

PaidViewPoint is one of the best survey sites on the Internet. It has a long list of comprehensive surveys which take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete. Participants can withdraw their earnings starting from $15, either as cash to a Paypal account or as an Amazon or Walmart gift card. 

PaidViewPoint has become one of the best places for people looking to make extra money with online surveys. This is because of its simple interface and easy registration process.

  1. VIP Voice

VIP Voice is an online research community that belongs to the NPD Group. With more than 3 million users, VIP Voice is one of the largest survey sites on the Internet. 

Homeowners and renters who decide to join this community will get about 3 to 5 surveys each week, with the potential to make around $30 each month with little effort. VIP Voice does not give direct cash rewards. Instead, members receive points which can be used to enter sweepstakes and auctions. 

Winning a sweepstake may award cash, vacations and more. Auctions allow members to bid on products and services. Students may find VIP Voice an attractive proposition due to the $5,000 scholarship opportunity it provides to its members.

  1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a well-known online money making website, offering many alternatives to make quick cash beyond surveys. However, online surveys are one of its most popular features. Swagbucks is very newcomer-friendly, awarding free points to its members. 

It also awards $5 to new members who complete one survey right after they sign up. Users of this website can withdraw their earnings to a Paypal account or through gift cards from known retailers like Amazon.

  1. Toluna 

Toluna is another popular survey panel used by a large number of marketing companies around the world. Although it offers other products and services, the survey panel remains its most popular membership program. 

Each completed survey grants a number of points which can be exchanged for a voucher after enough points have been earned. Most surveys take 15 minutes to complete. In general, it takes about 4 hours to gather 80,000 points and turn them into a $15 voucher.

  1. MyPoints

MyPoints was established in 1996 as a rewards program website. Registered members can collect points by completing purchases from selected retailers. To collect points faster, members can complete daily online surveys. Unlike other survey panels, MyPoints rewards its members even if they are disqualified from a survey. 

Online surveys are not the only way to collect points on this website. Inviting friends, playing select games and printing coupons also give a considerable amount of points. Money earned can be exchanged for gift cards or sent to a Paypal account.

  1. Opinion Outpost 

Opinion Outpost is an online market research pioneer. This decade-old free community offers rewards for sharing opinions on certain products and services. 

The website is one of the most reliable in terms of fast payments, as it often takes less than several hours to deposit earnings. Those who decide to join can claim rewards as cash to a Paypal account or as iTunes and Amazon gift cards.

  1. One Opinion

One Opinion is similar to other free online communities mentioned above. Members are asked to share their opinions on selected products and services in return for points which can be traded for cash through Paypal or Visa prepaid cards. 

People can make hundreds of points per day by completing surveys, including those in which they were disqualified. The minimum amount that can be redeemed is 25,000 points which is equal to $25.

  1. Survey Junkie 

Survey Junkie is a popular alternative for people who already tested other paid survey websites. The company does not have a mobile app, which means that most of its surveys are meant to be completed on a computer. 

However, its constant stream of quality surveys and flexible payment methods make up for the lack of mobile options. Also, earnings are available for withdrawal as soon as $10 or 1,000 points are reached, a lower amount than most other survey sites.

  1. PointClub

PointClub offers much more variety than its competitors. Like many other popular survey sites, PointClub rewards points even if the member gets disqualified. However, it stands out due to its extensive reward options, which include Visa prepaid cards, Walmart and Amazon gift cards, and movie vouchers. 

The downside of PointClub is its high requirements for withdrawal. The only options are 25,000 points for a $25 gift card or 50,000 points for $50 sent to a Paypal account.

  1. Harris Poll 

Harris Poll is not as popular as other alternatives, mostly due to its focus on packaged food products. However, the companies looking to perform market research through this website tend to offer much higher pay than other online survey platforms. 

For example, a standard survey on Harris Poll pays between $3 and $4 and can be completed in less than 20 minutes. There are more comprehensive surveys called local panels that can take two to four hours to complete but pay as much as $75. Harris Poll is a potential gold mine for food enthusiasts.

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