Don’t Know What To Study? These 5 Majors Could Lead To Lucrative Careers

Whether you’re unsure of what to study or looking for a career change, these five majors could lead to the life you’ve always wanted.

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What makes a good major? Some say it’s studying what you love or are interested in. While that can certainly be true, we’ll look at majors that are “good” due to low unemployment rates and strong income growth.

In other words, graduate with a degree in one of these specialties, and you could be looking at a lucrative career.

What to Look for When Choosing a Major

You may not be too concerned with studying something you love. Instead, you’re more interested in exploring a topic that won’t saddle you with student loans you can never pay back.

Keeping this in mind, here are two critical questions to consider when picking a major:

  1. How much income can you make?
  2. Can you get a job?

You don’t want to rack up thousands in student loans for a major that only has low-paying jobs. You also want a major that’s marketable and teaches you skills that are in demand. Let’s take a look at some majors that can lead to substantial incomes and highly marketable skills:

(Note: Before deciding on a major, be sure to research it heavily. This article is meant to simply pique your interest and give you an idea of the possibilities that are out there.)

1. Information Sciences

Study information sciences, and you could end up working as a web developer, software engineer, systems administrator, or a computer support specialist.

What can such a degree land you in terms of pay? On average, an income of around $80,000. That number could increase too, especially when you consider the growing importance of computers in our everyday lives.


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Stop! If you need financial assistance such as money to pay bills, a personal loan, or debt relief. See what resources are available to help you today.

2. Management Information Systems/Statistics

Closely related to information sciences, an MIS or statistics degree could also land you a position as a software engineer or computer support specialist. You could become a systems analyst or a systems manager too.

MIS majors tend to study more business than is offered in the school of information sciences. This focus could put you in charge of maximizing a business’ profit while earning an average income of $85,000.

3. Construction Services

Want to learn everything there is to know about running a construction site without having to get your hands dirty? A degree in construction management can help you do that, along with earning an average income of $75,000.

The plethora of construction going on from coast to coast makes this a degree that is high in demand. Examples of titles you could hold in this job sector include construction supervisor, construction manager, and cost estimator.

4. Electrical Engineering

Working behind the scenes of electronics can net you an average income of $80,000.

Electrical engineering graduates can find work as electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, and software developers.

5. General Science

If you love science, but can’t pick a specific major to jump into, studying general science is a solid choice.

Once you graduate with a general science degree, you can pick from a wide variety of occupations, such as a teacher or a registered nurse. You can also further your studies in a specialized field later on since the general curriculum will expose you to different topics.

Depending on what you pick, you could earn an average income of $60,000.

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