Don’t Forget To Do These 3 Things Before Interviewing For A Job

Do you want to hear the words “you’re hired” after a job interview? Follow these tips during the pre-interview stage, and you’ll increase your chances of achieving that goal.

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An interview is often the final step before getting hired for a job. It gives you a chance to make a solid first impression as you sell yourself to the interviewer.

While we can’t 100 percent ensure you’ll get hired by following these tips, they can certainly help you prepare to put your best foot forward.

1. Review your social media.

The Internet makes it incredibly easy for people to get a closer look into your life, especially if you’re active on social media. For this reason, cleaning up your online footprint is a must before any interview.

Do you have controversial posts on your profiles that could offend someone? Are your profiles filled with photos that could make an employer question your responsibility and judgment? If so, remove them to play it safe.

While companies can’t discriminate against things like religion or disability, the interviewer may take a peek at your profiles. If they see something they’re personally against, you could have marks against you before the interview even begins.

Harmful online traces aren’t the only thing you can fix, either. You can also beef up any online resumes or profiles to make yourself look like a solid addition to the company.

Is your LinkedIn profile complete? If not, check it over and add any new accomplishments that may tilt the interview in your favor, and do the same with any similar profiles online.


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Stop! If you need financial assistance such as money to pay bills, a personal loan, or debt relief. See what resources are available to help you today.

2. Research the company.

The more you know about the company you’re interviewing with, the better. Go beyond just knowing the company’s name, their address, and what they do, and learn what they’re really about to make yourself seem like a perfect fit for their corporate culture.

Look up the company’s website, as well as any other social media profiles, LinkedIn pages, and the like. If you can find information on their core values, try to memorize it and inject it into your interview. While it may not guarantee that you get the job, showing you’re prepared should earn you some points.

Research everything you can about the company beyond its website and social media. Industry journals, magazines, and newspapers can have those extra bits of info you need to hold the interviewer’s attention.

You can never overprepare for an interview, and the more effort you put in, the better you’ll look.

3. Research the interviewer.

If you know the name of the person who will be interviewing you, research them too. You may have mutual connections via social media or have something in common that can help you build rapport.

Do you have mutual friends? Did you go to the same university? Any commonalities can help you create friendly conversation during the interview that can make it seem like you are already working together. In short, they may be more likely to hire you.

A quick trip to your social media, LinkedIn, and alumni networks can give you the information you’re looking for. Once you find those commonalities, use every single one to your advantage and make it a point to mention them.

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