Becoming A UX Designer

If seeking a career that will pay to tap your design savvy, UX design may be your calling. UX design helps companies create meaningful and relevant user experiences. In recent years, the field has been focused on computer programs, websites and mobile applications.

Although UX design requires a fair amount of technical skill, the potential income makes it worth the trouble. On average, UX designers earn around $80,000 each year.

What Is UX Design?

The job of a UX designer is to make sure customers can carry out important tasks with ease. Often times, these tasks affect a company’s ability to be profitable.

In general, UX design is focused on software, websites and applications. These days most UX designers work in technology-related industries. They typically have serious technical skills, including programming and graphic design. Outside of the internet world UX design is important in manufacturing, designing public transport systems, and industrial design.

How Much Money A UX Designer Makes?

Salary for UX designers can depend on education and experience. For example, a junior UX designer with an associate’s degree and no previous experience in the field can earn around $50,000 to start. Someone with 3-5 years of experience and a bachelor’s degree can earn around $90,000 annually.

The best paid UX designers hold senior positions such as Director of Design. Senior UX designers have at least ten years of experience, and the majority hold a master’s degree in a tech-related field. On average, they can earn between $110,000 and $185,000 annually. In 2017, software company Adobe Systems surveyed 500 managers. They found out that 73 percent planned to expand their companies’ UX Design personnel in the near future. This means higher demand and possibly better salaries.

What Do You Need To Become A UX Designer?

UX Design has just enough complexity to attract all sorts of very talented employees. To be credible in the field there is a significant amount of preparation and training which separates novices from the pros. So far we haven’t seen degrees focused exclusively on UX design. Instead, UX designers hold technical degrees or certificates similar to computer science or graphic design. Technical training offers prospective designers flexibility when searching for their first job in UX.

In later stages of a UX career, practitioners need to know about usability design and testing. A bachelor’s degree in an area such as programming or application design could provide the necessary training to become a senior designer. Senior UX designers might even pursue a master’s degree in areas that help them better understand how people interact with software.

UX design is a dynamic career path that requires some degree of improvising. Attending college is just one path to learning the job, which is often not enough. UX designers can also learn from peers and hands on work experience to become a Senior UX Designer.

How Affordable Is UX Design?

Most UX Design job positions require at least an associate’s degree, which can be completed for around $25,000. If you continue on to earn a bachelor’s or master’s degrees, you can spend up to an additional $100,000 on education.

As a result, UX design can be less affordable than other career paths. However, the earning potential is higher than many jobs that require less training. Although learning UX design doesn’t require a college degree, having one along with some conviction to grow is a sure path to a senior position.

If you are looking to gradually build UX design skills, there are several online courses available at various prices. Online education platforms Coursera and Udacity have free courses on UX. Other institutions charge from $149 to $500 per course. Starting with this basic training, once can immediately start working in UX design as a freelancer or part time.