Jumping From Minimum Wage to $65k a Year With an Online Degree


Recent graduates with online degrees are earning $65,000 a year now and they have less debt compared to traditional students. Combine affordability, flexibility, and real career options and it becomes clear why online programs are creating real value.

If you’re stuck at a dead-end job or just ready to get started, use this shortcut to find schools offering incentives to start today.

Online programs are recruiting non-traditional students who demonstrate drive and ambition. 

Combine ambitious students with online programs and what do you get? Awards and recognition is the answer because these programs consistently rank among the best online colleges nationwide year after year. 

We narrowed it down to a handful of online programs as a case study. Where students who came in making close to minimum wage, within a few years after graduation they are all averaging $69,000 in salary. This article explores their online programs and how they are able to help non-traditional students while keeping tuition affordable.

First, a degree from one of these schools leads to real jobs. If you want the corner office, you will have to work for it, but these programs will get you in the door. In recent years the median earnings of a college graduate have been about $27,000 a year. However, recent graduates with a focused education from an online program are averaging $39,000 instead. Take a moment to let that sink in. Graduates with an online degree can earn more than graduates from traditional 4-year universities.

After six years, graduates of these programs can expect to earn around $46,000. Some career paths are more lucrative with one in four graduates earning more than $65,000 after completing their degree. 

To understand why online education is so important for this generation, consider working parents. Attending college remains out of reach for many working parents who might not have time or money to invest in continuing education. Moving courses to the internet has been something like an evolution for single parents. With flexible schedules, parents have demonstrated they can succeed in continuing education.

One particularly moving story comes from Elisa Magagna of Pocatello, Idaho. She was a single parent, age 31 earning $9.50 an hour. But she saw the opportunities a college degree could create. Elisa had to think of a way to get there. “I wasn’t making very much money at all, just above minimum wage.” A single mom of four kids, her goal was “to better myself and my life.” Magagna completed a bachelor’s degree online in business administration in just over three years. She kept working full time while raising her family. Guess what, she graduated in June 2017 and had only $3,000 in student loans. After graduating, her salary almost doubled to just under $20 an hour.

If Elisa’s story resonates with you these programs are looking for students like you.

Working parents who have no time to study on-campus can enroll in one of the more than 200 online degree programs. Online students gain access to some unique perks, such as a dedicated academic advisor, online library, advanced tutoring and 24/7 tech support.

How long does it take to finish an online program?

On campus students can choose to study full-time or part-time, whereas online students can select how many subjects they want to attend each academic period. Full-time students often take two courses per eight week period. Whereas part-time students might take one course.

Under normal circumstances, students can finish their courses in the corresponding time. This is two years for associate’s degrees and four years for a bachelor’s degree. For online students, the time it takes to graduate will depend on how many courses they sign up for every academic period.

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Financial Aid Alert: Beloved Program Is Refunding Everyone Their Bank Fees

Trying to move up in a career requires some financial help so here it is. Complete this form and you’ll be exempt from ATM fees, monthly bank maintenance fees, or even overdraft fees. If you are like most people, that will add up to somewhere between $300 and $1000 in just one year.

Get more than just a refund. Open an Aspiration Save and Spend account and receive a $100 welcome bonus. Continue reading to learn exactly how Aspiration is giving everyone who applies back their bank fees.

Growing your savings with a traditional bank account is difficult due to low interest rates and expensive fees. Switching to an Aspiration Spend and Save account can deal with both problems at once.  This online account offers interest rates up to 25 times higher than traditional banks, helping families get the most out of their savings.

Aspiration is an online bank based in California. It is best known for its savings and checking account named Spend and Save, which comes with no fees. Instead, the bank gives customers the option to pay monthly maintenance or get their accounts for free. In this article, we explain why you should switch to Aspiration and how their Spend and Save account works.

Benefits of an Aspiration account

Aspiration has loaded its popular Spend and Save account with some attractive perks. For example, the company gives customers access to ATms with no fees. People who have tried online banks before know this perk is hard to come by. The reason is that online institutions must pay traditional backs for ATM access.

With Aspiration, customers will not have to worry about which ATM they can use. Also, if they get charged a fee, the bank promises to reimburse the money as soon as possible. Customers who are not be convinced by this benefit alone may find other benefits enough to switch. Aspiration Spend and Save accounts also come with cash back rewards on debit card purchases, identity theft protection, access to fossil fuel free investment funds and retirement savings accounts.

With Aspiration, people can invest their money in a range of actively managed funds. The minimum investment is $10, although some paperwork must be submitted beforehand. Those who are thinking about retirement can open a tax deferred individual retirement account with as little as $10.

Contributing to a charity is also possible with Aspiration. Customers who like their tax deductions can access a long list of charities directly from their Spend and Save accounts. Account holders can contribute to environmental causes, education, healthcare and poverty. Also, Aspiration chips in an extra $25 to charity when account holders refer a friend.

Why choose Aspiration

Choosing Aspiration will help  people save hundreds of dollars in fees each year. Aspiration gives customers the freedom to choose how much they want to pay for its services. If customers want to pay, they can select a monthly fee of up to $10. Otherwise, they will receive their account for free.

But how much can people save with Aspiration?

According to a Bank Finder Report from 2017, consumers can pay up to $330 each year in bank fees. Those who move their savings to Aspiration will get to keep that money.

However, Aspiration is more than just about avoiding expensive fees. The company also offers customers several ways to get the most out of their savings with cash back rewards for purchases made with their debit cards. In general, traditional banks tie cash bash rewards to credit cards.

Aspiration offers this benefit with their debit cards instead. The company offers 0.5 percent cash back on all purchases. Customers who complete purchases at selected merchants receive one percent cash back instead. In total, account holders can expect to receive up to $54 per year in cash back rewards.

Another good reason why people should switch to an Aspiration account is high annual interest rates. Traditional financial institutions offer a very low 0.1 percent annual interest rate on their savings accounts. SOme even go as low as 0.01 percent. To attract customers, some banks offer special rates that can go up to 2.5 percent. What most customers do not know is that these rates are only for customers with lots of money in their bank accounts.

For example, Wells Fargo advertises their “premium” savings account as having 2.15 percent annual interest rates. However, such rates are only valid for the first twelve months and customers must keep at least $25,000 in the account. Otherwise, they get downgraded to 0.1 percent.

According to Maurie Backman from The Motley Fool, almost half of all households do not have $500 in cash stored in their bank accounts. Also, the Survey of Consumer Finances released by the Federal Reserve confirms that the median savings account balance is $8,100. This means most families do not have enough cash to enjoy these promotional rates.

In contrast, Aspiration offers a permanent 2 percent annual interest rate on savings accounts. As a result, people can get the most out of their savings with a Spend and Save account than what they would do with a traditional one.

A family who has $10,000 saved would gain around $10 in interest after one year. However, they would most likely lose money due to all sorts of fees. With Aspiration, the same family would make $200 instead, with no money lost to fees. Also, money deposited in an Aspiration account is insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, or FDIC, for up to $1 million, which means families are not at risk of losing their money.

How to Open an Aspiration account

Opening an Aspiration Spend and Save account does not require too much paperwork. In general, people can complete the process in less than twenty minutes. Customers must create a user account with the institution. Then, they can start the process to create their Spend and Save account.

To create their user account, customers will need a valid email address. Next, the bank will ask for personal details such as first and last name, address and social security number. Only U.S. citizens or permanent residents can open an Aspiration bank account. Because this is an online account, customers will have to provide the details of a traditional bank account. This is required in order to move money to and from the Aspiration account.

Providing personal information is not enough to complete the process. To protect customers from identity theft, Aspiration has some extra steps customers may have to complete. These steps involve several questions that will determine whether the person creating the account is who they say they are. If the system is unable to verify their identity, an additional step must be completed.

This additional step often involves providing a picture of several government identification documents, such as a driver’s license and a bank statement. Once these documents are submitted, the bank will take up to three days to verify the information and activate the account.